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BUKU’s breakdown of “The Future of Commerce” by Shopify

Shopify Future of Commerce Report 2022

The post-pandemic world has brought a new consumer base, a base that trusts online retailers more than ever before and, in many cases, prefer to purchase without any face-to-face interaction. In 2021 roughly 2.14 billing people (27% of the world population) made online purchases, and that number is only projected to increase in 2022. 

If you are involved in eCommerce, you've probably heard Shopify released a breakdown of the data they saw across their stores in 2021 to provide insight for this year. Our team analyzed the critical shipping takeaways to share them with you. 

Shopify states, “Businesses who don’t meet customer expectations are about to be left behind, as brands work to digitize their supply chains, improve transparency, and invest in sustainable business practices.”


The three main trends analyzed in this article are:

  1. Supply chain vulnerabilities force merchants to modify their fulfillment and shipping strategies permanently

  2. The social and environmental impact will define the next era of shipping and logistics

  3. Customers choose to shop with brands that are transparent around delivery times

Supply Chain

Over the last few years, shipping, supply chain, and eCommerce have been at the center of conversation and debate.

In today’s world, it isn’t uncommon to confront challenges when trying to ship your product -  Especially when shipping abroad.

Even though there are challenges, there is still an opportunity for growth. Lowering costs and drastically improving customer experience is at the forefront of change.

One aspect that should be accounted for in the supply chain is potential problems. We all saw this first hand back in 2020 when the world ran out of toilet paper, hand sanitizer, and masks. Demand caused a significant supply chain issue.

Supply chain problems will not go away. So they should always be considered when functioning in any business. Rebecca Heilweil, a supply chain reporter, stated, "There's no reason to think that this system is not going to be susceptible in the future to other problems."

Shopify gave three recommendations to help prevent future issues:

  • Digitize your supply chain to improve visibility and responsiveness 
  • Use data to optimize your fulfillment strategy
  • Consider outsourcing your shipment and fulfillment to a 3PL
Quote on environmental sustainability

                           Environmental/Social Sustainability

Now that we are in 2022, companies must strive to reduce their overall footprint on the planet and be transparent with the changes they are implementing.

Improving your environmental and social impacts makes your business more desirable to consumers. Thus, increasing consumer and employee retention.

 Shipping Transparency

Shipping Transparency

Transparency around delivery times is vital for any company in shipping. Giving the consumer multiple options and details about when delivery times will be is a great way to increase the overall customer experience.

Shopify lists five “must-have qualities” for any store to strive to have. They are; fast, free, sustainable, branded, and dependable.

Buyers don’t just casually assume that there should be accurate and transparent delivery times; they actively seek businesses that offer this. By meeting these demands, you more easily turn these buyers into your loyal customers.


IntelliRate Logo

The overall customer experience is what every e-commerce store should be concerned about. Increasing the overall customer experience increases sales and hopefully gains a faithful customer along the way. 

Intelligrated software is there to help any e-commerce store that wants to increase transparency with delivery times, maximize your possible shipping profits, and offer multiple lanes for your customer. 

IntelliRate is a must for anyone wanting to give their customers the best possible shipping experience. It matters to them, so it should matter to all of us. 

Learn more about BUKU in the links below: 

Demo: https://www.bukuship.com/demo

IntelliRate: https://www.bukuship.com/intellirate

Source: Shopify Consumer Report, Cloudwars.net

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