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The BUKU Story

BUKU's founders began their journey many years ago, working a contract to open eCommerce channels into Asia for a local Utah-based company. They were responsible for technical and operational details and all logistics and shipping to clients in Asia from the US-based parent company.

In 2017 they launched a Herbal Tea brand into the Asian markets with headquarters in Utah and South Korea. They realized the pain points that online sellers have with international shipping.

By 2019, BUKU formally originated as they realized the opportunity in shipping was in greater need than their Tea Business. They kicked off their new direction by shifting all of their focus to building a SAAS platform for International Shipping solutions. This journey included team members moving internationally to fully understand and execute requirements for global tracking, VAT, IOSS, Customs, and more.

Since then, the team has been rapidly expanding, attracting shipping and software experts to develop a suite of products to service eCommerce sellers' needs. BUKU allows our customers to focus on their business while optimizing their domestic and international shipping strategies. We have gone from $0 to $2M in monthly sales in less than 18 months! With the release of the BUKU SaaS shipping platform and recent VC backing, BUKU is quickly becoming the fastest-growing SaaS company in Utah.

Want to join the ride? Email us at jobs@bukuship.com

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