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Misconceptions About International Shipping

International Shipping

International shipping can seem daunting. There is a lot of new information and terms that you need to understand to get started. Fortunately for every brand these things can be learned, and it doesn’t have to be an overwhelming experience.

Global Shipping


Whether you are exploring international shipping or currently struggling to meet international customer expectations there are a few common misconceptions people face. Here is a breakdown of some of these misconceptions and fears brands face when deciding to ship internationally. 

International shipping has to be expensive

Many people believe that just because shipping internationally costs more than domestic that it isn’t worth it and would just end up costing them more. This isn’t true.

First off, some of these inflated shipping prices might seem outrageous to US based store owners , but those in other countries are used to these prices. They are not only used to these prices but are also willing to pay them for your product.

There still is a way to help those internationally with shipping costs. You can find the best rate possible for them and you. Now days there are some incredible rates that are offered, and you just need to be diligent in your search to find them.  Luckily, BUKU has great relationships with a variety of carriers that have given us amazing rates. And we offer these rates to all those who are seeking or are already shipping abroad. Click the link below to see which carriers BUKU integrates with. https://www.bukuship.com/partners-integrations

Documents, documents, and more documents


Many believe that if they begin to ship internationally that they will have a lot of documents and paperwork to go through. This isn’t the case. As long as you work with a trusted shipping partner you should have a limited number of documents that you have to deal with. They are there specifically to make your shipping experience easier.

At BUKU we offer our clients the ability to file through IOSS. This is extremely helpful for all those shipping in and out of the EU.

The more you ship the more it will cost you

Many people think that the more you sell the more it will cost you in international shipping. This is untrue.

Lucky for everyone the main pricing for your product isn’t in the amount shipped but the size and weight of the product. It doesn’t matter if you ship 1 or 100. The rate is fixed for each product.

So don’t be scared to maximize international sales! This is only going to be beneficial for you.  That way you will be able to grow a loyal customer base outside of the U.S. And you can even strategically open into certain countries where you have the most web traffic. There are many ways to go about starting your international shipping journey.

Duties and taxes are complicated

Paying for duties and taxes will never be the easiest thing in the world. But when shipping internationally they shouldn’t be the ultimate deterrent. There is just too much to be gained to be stopped by stressing over duties and taxes.

Figuring out what you need to pay and how to file on your own is possible. But, that can be time consuming and take you away from time working on your brand. That’s where BUKU wants to help. We offer a duties and taxes calculator that calculates and displays the full cost in your shopping cart at the time of checkout. This gives more transparency to the shipping process and increases the overall customer experience.

Let us handle shipping so you can get back to doing what you love!

Start today!

In today’s world there shouldn’t be any reason why you’re not shipping internationally. The demand for products is there and with the internet your brand has a fighting chance of being chosen. By shipping internationally you add a large potential amount of sales and diversify your sales market. 

Don’t waste any more time, start shipping internationally today.

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