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Unique Ways eCommerce Brands Are Attracting New Consumers in 2022

Marketing to Ecommerce Customers

In the current shopping arena, eCommerce has opened consumers to a new world of product offerings. Consumer needs are being met like never before and the response is astounding. In 2021 alone, consumers spent 768 billion in eCommerce Shops. This innovation makes the eCommerce industry a top competitor compared to other channels like brick and mortar, amazon, etc. Thousands of unique brands are entering the eCommerce space with personalized product offerings and personal experiences. So, how is a new entrant expected to stick out? 

This can be a difficult question many brands ask themselves, and what is becoming increasingly apparent is that consumers truly identify with a company’s value and interests. For today’s consumers, what the company cares about triggers a purchase almost as much as the product offering itself. Whether that be prioritizing minimalism, health, or sustainability, each of the following companies are deeply rooted in their values.  

Here are 3 brands who are making big splashes in their industry: 


1. OliPop – Implementing nostalgia into a new era. 

Olipop is a company that specializes in what they have coined “a new kind of soda.” Pumped full of prebiotics, botanicals, and plant fiber, Olipop’s product is a healthier take on a traditionally “unhealthy” beverage. Olipop is based online through Shopify, but is slowly transitioning into grocery stores around the country.  Olipop

The health-related beverage industry is nothing groundbreaking, with kombucha, teas, and sparkling waters flooding into every shopping cart. But the way that Olipop is creating such rapid success with their product is through the use of nostalgia. From their packaging which is reminiscent of old-school graphics from the 60’s, to the names of their sodas. “Vintage Cola”, “Classic Root Beer”, Olipop is trying to send their customer’s back in time.  

What is so genius about this branding is that Olipop’s product is not created by the same ingredients as the vintage sodas they are disguised as. The product itself is very health-conscious, with reduced sugar and increased benefits like digestion aids.  

So, what Olipop is doing so masterfully is joining together the well-known nostalgic factor of sodas, but tailoring the product to the more health-conscious consumers we see today. This combines two prominent consumer mindsets in the market today and creates a wonderful guilt-free product for people to enjoy. Olipop is  cutting down the negative stereotypes on soda and turning the entire industry on its head.


2. TenTree – Rooted in Social Impact 

TenTree is an apparel company that has a social impact cause hinted in their brand name. For every article of clothing you purchase through them, TenTree plants TEN TREES. TenTree has amassed over two million followers on Instagram alone based on this very concept alone and have planted over 81 million trees.   

This brand is an excellent example of how prioritizing sustainability and centering your business around a cause can ground your buyers and create deep brand loyalties. Consumers are becoming increasingly passionate about what brands they purchase from, and the impact brands have on the world. TenTree is a great example of a company with a basic product offering, but what sets them apart, and makes them stand out to consumers is their commitment to their mission. Tentree

 The fashion industry is also widely known for large amounts of yearly waste as seasons and trends rapidly change. TenTree commits to changing this culture through creating their apparel from materials that are healthy for the earth. Whether those materials are compostable, or helping decrease landfill waste, Tentree is always has the Earth in mind.  

Finally, TenTree doesn’t believe that just because they are social impact based, they need to sell boring products either. TenTree is constantly invigorating their customers through “mystery bag drops” which typically hit their eCommerce stores a few times a year for limited time. These are bags filled with different TenTree items, but the customers doesn’t know exactly what until it arrives on their doorstep. It is this kind of product release combined with the sustainability commitments that make TenTree such a fascinating company for consumers in 2022.  


3. Our Place – Matching minimalism with efficiency 

Our Place had a massive increase in popularity due to the rise of cooking influencers using their “Always” pan, which boasts the power of 8 different dishes all in one universal pan. This product has launched the cookware brand into stardom and allowed Our Place to grow their product line while keeping their focus on minimalism. 

This minimalism is not only based on the fact that each of Our Place’s cookware has high functional use and can handle many cooking circumstances but is also embedded in the product designs. The muted colors and matte finishing make it so Our Place’s products can fit into any kitchen. Our Place also is based on the idea that a kitchen shouldn’t need dozens of pots and pans to get the job done. It’s more to clean, more to store, way more hassle for consumers.  Our Place

Our Place understood that when it came to cookware, consumers wanted fewer products but still have the ability to achieve their goals in the kitchen. This mentality entered the market as influencers like Marie Kondo began to promote ideas prioritizing quality over quantity. Consumers wanted to refine the number of things they carry, and Our Place mastered that in the kitchen.  

Overall, the eCommerce industry is growing exponentially every year, with each company trying to find a way to stand out in the market. These are just a few examples of companies who have found success through approaching consumers in a unique value-driven way. OliPop, through combining health and nostalgia. TenTree, by rallying consumers through their mission of sustainability. Our Place, strengthening their customers by making minimalist, high-quality cookware attainable. But what each of these companies have in common is their ability to find the true values that matter to the consumers they are trying to attract.

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