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3 Ways to Meet Consumer Expectations for shipping

Meet consumer expectations

Every day there are millions of people that are searching for a product that they are in need of. Where is the first place everyone turns to... the internet. Once they find the product they desire it is imperative that they don't run into any friction between the initial contact with your brand until it is delivered. 

The customers’ overall satisfaction and experience should be the top priority for every brand. 

Shipping can oftentimes become a major pain point that both buyers and sellers must deal with. But this doesn’t have to be the case.

Here are 3 ways you can meet customer exceptions in shipping:

  1. Review your Social/Environmental impact
  2. Offer multiple shipping options
  3. Expand internationally with transparency 

Social/Environmental Impact

Now that it is 2022 consumers are expecting their favorite brands to be socially and environmentally conscious. There are simple and helpful changes that don't have to completely shake up your business while implementing them. 

One example is changing your packaging. Making your packaging more sustainable is a great way to lower your overall environmental impact and start you on your path to sustainability.Green Shipping

More and more companies are also sharing their own goals, visions, and progress around their social impact as well. Get together with those you work with and created these goals if you haven't already. 

Jochen Zeitz, the CEO of Harly Davidson stated that “Sustainability is no longer about doing less harm. It’s about doing more good.”

A great example of a company lowering their environmental impact is Target. "With hundreds of stores across the country, Target has made a few small changes that — in addition to their carbon emissions reduction pledge — have really made a difference. In 2018, stores and supply chain locations reduced the amount of waste that was sent to landfills by 75% through recycling programs. Target is also aiming to put solar panels on the roofs of 500 stores in 2020 in order to improve their energy efficiency." 

Make sure to let your customers know about what changes you’re making. They are very interested in the impact of the brands they shop from. So don’t be afraid to show off!

Transparency in Shipping Options

The modern consumer needs to be given a variety of choices in order to increase their overall customer experience. This is especially true in shipping. Only giving one delivery time and price limits the customer.

Cart Consumer Experience

Transparency with the customer creates the greatest overall experience for them. Displaying accurate delivery times gives them the ability to optimize their experience to their needs. 

Many times companies like Shopify only account for the shipping time and skip over the time it takes to work with fulfillment teams, and to pick and pack the product. Leaving this time unaccounted for leaves the delivery dates inaccurate and the customer unsatisfied.  

Providing multiple lanes with a variety of delivery speeds is key. In 2022 the shipping and delivery world has changed. Whether it was caused by Amazon, the pandemic, supply chain issues, or a combination of them all, people want the option to have the product shipped overnight. But they also want the option to pay less and wait a bit more.

Back in 2019 the trend was to ship a package as quickly as possible. But now people are ok waiting a few more days if they can pay less. And those who really want their product fast are willing to pay more for that feature. By providing transparency to the customer you can meet and exceed their shipping expectations

You may be wondering, what about free shipping? Giving your customers this option is still important, but more and more brands are doing so strategically. They create rules to their lanes such as; availability only on certain items, cart minimum, a slower delivery,  etc. 


International ShippingShipping outside the United States is becoming a necessity for every business to offer. There are between thousands and millions (depending on the product) of potential customers that you're missing out on if you only choose to ship domestically. Giving international customers access to your product, done right, gives you the ability to exponentially increase sales.

Being able to diversify across borders creates a safety net for your sales and continued success.

Being transparent with international customers is also a must. By displaying all duties and taxes you and your customer know why shipping prices are set at that price. This builds trust between the brand and the customer and makes sure there are no further unseen expenses on either side.

When US-based companies first start out shipping internationally they often times focus on Canada and the EU. This can be for a variety of reasons including; language, culture, and demand similarities.

It can be complicated at first dealing with duties and taxes, so that's why we suggest using BUKU's IntelliRate. 

Gain access to the international market with ease.

With IntelliRate you can:

  • Calculate all duties and taxes
  • Offer multiple shipping lanes
  • Display accurate delivery times and prices
  • And even file in the EU with our IOSS feature
  • Offer DDP options

To learn more about BUKU IntelliRate click here

Source: Forbes- https://www.forbes.com/sites/danielnewman/2020/07/24/how-leading-global-companies-are-using-sustainability-as-a-market-differentiator/?sh=30226f031ff3

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