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Ecommerce Brands and Sustainability - Accelerate Summit 2022

Sustainability in eCommerce

BUKU was a proud sponsor 2022 Accelerate Summit in Salt Lake City. We heard so many amazing speakers and were able to meet and interact with some remarkable brands and sponsors! There are many useful insights you can apply to your business today.

Here are our takeaways from three speakers that we enjoyed.

Kristen Bell – Hello Bello

Kristen Bell started her now celebrated company Hello Bello in 2018. The goal behind Hello Bello is to eliminate the choice many parents must make – deciding between what’s best for their kids and best for their budget. They believe in premium because every kid deserves the best.

Hello Bello with babies

Decide what your mission is and stick to it. Kristen said that her and Dax are “heavily overpaid” for what they do. When she had kids, she was able to afford the best for them and had access to the top premium brands. On the other hand, her sister in Michigan looked for sustainable/premium brands and didn’t have access to them nor could she have afforded them. This is where Kristen’s idea for Hello Bello was born. She was going to live in the intersection of affordable and premium baby products. Creating a brand that allowed all caretakers access to sustainable, cost-friendly baby products.

Kristen spoke about how creating a brand that sticks to its mission has boundaries. For example, they can’t push to be the most sustainable brand out there because it would then make it too costly. You need to live with a balance between your original mission and your new passions.

Its key to make those purchasing your product true fans of what you are doing. Not just a feeling of we “like” or “enjoy” this brand, but we love this brand! Experience is crucial!

One way that they maintain a great experience is with their packaging. They are a subscription-based company so differentiating each month is important. What they decided on is having the packaging transform into different toys with a few folds. One month it could be a car, the next could be a farmhouse. Each month creates a different experience for the user.

This gives the box a new life and makes it more than a 1-time use – it's recyclable. This is the mix of her company's mission and Bell’s passion for sustainability.

Her brand should inspire all of us to stick to our mission statement and strive for sustainability.

Matt Navarro – Stanley

Matt Navarro is the VP of Global Sales at Stanley. They provide high quality food and beverage gear. They have been around since 1913 and have recently exploded in popularity. Matt gave incredible insights into marketing and branding during the summit.

Matt started by explaining that Stanley has been around for over 100 years. During most of those years they owned their niche. Every middle-aged man that enjoyed the outdoors was their target demographic. That’s where they focused all their marketing efforts toward. The outdoorsy manly man. That’s who had a Stanley.

Old Stanley Advertising

Stanleys are made to last. This is something that all ages and lifestyles can appreciate. That is why within the last decade they have shifted in marketing and branding. An amazing partnership with The Buy Guide gave them the extra push focus on a wider niche.

People go outdoors for a variety of reasons, not just camping and hunting. People could bring their products golfing, to the park, boating, etc. The possibilities are endless. They started to meet these new customers where they are. Once this shift started their sales started to skyrocket. As of today, there are 150,000 people signed up on their waitlist for the newest Stanley product drop – their 40-ounce quencher has become a sensation.

New Stanley Advertising

Stanley kept their proven high-quality product but started to release it in different styles and colors. As their new product lines grew, so did their fame. These products were not only extremely popular, but they were also sustainable. Instead of using one use plastic for bottles now thousands around the world were using a Stanley. Matt shared that their focus isn’t on next year, it’s on the next 100 year. Sustainability is their focus and goal.

 Stanley’s mission goes on and states that “Stanley has created reusable, Built For Life™ products for over 100 years, reducing demand for disposable products that end up in waste and water streams” With a larger net of target customers, they are just beginning a journey of massive growth.

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