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A BUKU Gift Guide

A BUKU Gift Guide

The holidays are just around the corner and what many consider the eCommerce event of the year is this week – Black Friday. Today we are sharing a gift guide of shops everyone should check out. We are sharing their missions, origin stories, imagery and what sales they are running.

Five the Label

Activewear for the women in your life.

Five the Label Dancewear

Five Dancewear's story began in Bountiful, Utah after owner, Michelle, decided something needed to change in the dancewear industry. Inspired by her three dancing daughters, Michelle began to hone in on her design skills and begin something new. Fueled, quite literally, by a fire that burnt her previous clothing company to the ground, Five arose from the ashes. Since then, Five has moved from being a small, local business run out of Michelle's basement, to being carried worldwide and worn by many talented dancers on shows like Dancing With The Stars, World of Dance, and So You Think You Can Dance.

Black Friday deal: 30% off sitewide from 11/20 -11/27


Viori creates beautiful, sustainable hair care products.

Viori shampoo bar


Their social mission in Longsheng is to partner with the Red Yao on projects they believe help their communities thrive. They have always been Viori’s heroes, and Viori plays a supportive role in bettering their community.

Black Friday sale: Buy one get one free





Gigi Pip's mission is to build confidence in women and the many hats they wear but they also offer unisex beanies and a line of men’s hats.


 In a physical sense, they achieve this mission by putting quality first, refusing to cut corners, and producing the most fashionable, high-quality hats on the market. But in the potentially more important symbolic sense - they truly hope their product, service and the Gigi Pip community will help women build confidence in every aspect of their lives, including all the "hats" they wear.

Black Friday all November 10% off sitewide - 30% off > $300

Karma and Luck

Karma and Luck is a lifestyle brand inspired by timeless traditions with the power to awaken greater awareness and purpose each and every day.

Karma and Luck BraceletTheir stylish, thoughtful essentials are designed to foster happiness, health and prosperity and to help you manifest your dreams. Karma and Luck was founded in 2015 by Vladi Bergman, to connect cultures through fair trade and beautiful, handmade products featuring symbols of peace and kindness. Currently based in Las Vegas, Karma and Luck maintains a universal outlook. Every Karma and Luck piece is designed to bring good fortune to your home and to surround you with protective energy wherever you go.

Black Friday sale: 30% off Sitewide EARLYBFCM30 


We’re Not Really Strangers

Games that bring people together.

We're not really strangers

Koreen is a model and artist based in L.A. She created the WNRS card game with the intention of empowering meaningful connections with others. As a photojournalist her camera was a passport to people, allowing her to talk to anyone about anything. She built the WNRS platform to bring more meaningful connections to everyday life. See her original artwork and join our online community.  


 Risewell is helping to transform mouth care and offers natural products including toothpaste and mouthwash.

Screen Shot 2022-11-21 at 10.29.31 AM

Most natural toothpastes don’t include any ingredients that remineralize your enamel the way that fluoride does in traditional toothpaste. Risewell uses hydroxyapatite which has been shown in studies to remineralize your enamel as well as, or even better than, fluoride!





Goat Guns

Miniature replicas of firearms for the hunter, gamer, or veteran in your life.

Goat Guns AK47Goat Guns are collectible miniature gun models. These hefty little suckers weigh up to 16 ounces and range from 4" to 15" in length. 

Each model has intricate, working parts. They  come in build kits with parts that snap or screw together. They make the perfect display piece for any desk or shelf. 


Barton Watch Bands

BARTON Watch Bands was born out of one man's recurring frustration over poorly designed watch straps.

Barton Watch BandsAn avid traveler, fun enthusiast and relatively obsessive watch guy, he couldn't find watch bands that achieved his desired balance between fashion, function and fit. So mechanical engineer that he was, he started designing them himself.

Today, at BARTON's Dallas headquarters, the collection and the team have grown, but the mission remains the same: to deliver high quality bands at a reasonable price, with the kind of service that makes you want to high five a stranger. We always have and always will stand behind our products with the BARTON Guarantee.

Black Friday deal: Buy 2 get 1 free

Devos Outdoor

 Devos - Developing outdoor solutions for the backyard to the backlands, Devos’ mission is helping customers create hassle-free outdoor experiences.

Devon Outdoor Headquartered in Springville, Utah, Devos is a team of experienced engineering, industrial design and product development professionals with a passion for developing problem-solving outdoor products.


Black Friday Sale: Save $95 on a light ranger 2 pack & free shipping to the lower 48

Promptly Journals

Prompted Journals. Write to remember. Write to heal. Write your own story. 

Use a Promptly Journal to stay connected with yourself as you write down Screen Shot 2022-11-21 at 12.52.30 PMyour memories: the challenging days, the beautiful times, and everything in between.


Black Friday sale 10-50% off and a FREE gratitude journal with purchases over $65

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