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Cart Psychology: Improve your eCommerce shipping experience

Cart Psychology: Improve your eCommerce shipping experience

Once a customer reaches the shopping cart, they only have a few more steps before finalizing their purchase. Increasing cart conversion and decreasing friction is what every brand should strive to do. You’ve taken the customer this far - you don’t want to lose them on the final stretch. That is why being strategic with your shopping cart is so vital.

“Cart Psychology” is using what you understand about the consumer in an intentional way. Cart referring to any eCommerce shopping cart. Psychology meaning "the study of the human mind and its functions, especially those affecting behavior in a given context." The context that we are dealing with is eCommerce sales, and the behavior is of those making purchases online. BUKU's strategic shipping experts and software solution, IntelliRate, are here to use what we understand about consumers to the brands' advantage.

BUKU enables you to customize your shopping cart in a way that attracts consumers instead of turning them away. BUKU’s team works with you to personalize your cart in a way that works best for you and your clients. Utilize our expertise and Cart Psychology tools to improve your shopping cart customer experience.

The first step is understanding what the customer expects and wants when they go to checkout. Customers expect transparency providing it increases trust with the brand that they are purchasing from. By providing too much information, you can overwhelm them and if you provide too little information, it can be confusing and lack depth. With BUKU, you can implement specific features that can clean up your cart, provide transparency, and allow you to build trust with consumers easier. Two cart psychology tools that can be implemented by installing BUKU's app, IntelliRate, are:

Improving Cart with Multiple Lanes

Multiple Lanes and Accurate shipping dates

Customers expect to be presented with options when they get to the shopping cart. In most cases, the checkout experience they expect to have is similar to the Amazon checkout - multiple options that place speed of delivery at the forefront of a customer's mind. Creating an “Amazon-like” checkout can be broken down into three features. Free shipping, expedited options and an easy to comprehend and organized lanes.

Free shipping

Offering free shipping is a must in 2022. But it can be done in two different and effective ways. The first way is by offering it in one of your lanes automatically. This is similar to Amazon’s checkout with prime. You almost never have to pay for shipping. But can every brand afford to do this? No.

Offering free shipping when a certain cart value is met is an easy way to incentivize a higher average cart value. This helps brands use the appeal of free shipping to their advantage. Setting it at a correct amount can be difficult, but when done right, it can yield great results.


Every brand needs to offer expedited lanes. Doing this takes the pressure off the price of shipping and more focus on the speed it arrives in. Offering expedited options also give you access to additional sales. People often procrastinate or forget upcoming holidays, birthdays, or anniversaries. Instead of being able to wait the 5–7 day standard time, these customers need your product as soon as they can get it and are willing to pay a premium to ensure a quick delivery!

For example, say I forget a birthday coming up this week. I’m willing to pay extra for expedited shipping. I expect the brand that I am purchasing from to offer that to me. When I arrive at the shopping cart and don’t see multiple shipping speeds, I will immediately abandon my cart and visit another online store that provides expedited shipping. Waiting those extra days isn’t an option for me, even if the shipping is free. I need the product physically in front of me as soon as possible. I’m trying to do last-minute shopping am willing, and fully expect to pay more for expedited shipping. Consumer's satisfaction is increased when they are given choices.

Organized lanes

Many times, shopping carts can become cluttered and disorganized. Overloading the customer with information from carriers, displaying too many lanes, or only having a single lane that lacks information.  

Cart customization

With BUKU’s expertise and software, you can create an amazing cart experience for your customers. Amazon has been a great example for brands to get inspiration from. They display three easily understandable lanes. The first is the slowest and the third is the fastest. If you’re willing to pay more, that option is there. Instead of containing useless carrier information for the consumer, each lane can is specific and contains delivery dates, accurate pricing, and easily understandable lane titles.

Display Accurate Delivery Dates

Shipping delivery dates

Customers want to know exactly when to expect their order to arrive. By adding accurate delivery dates, you are being transparent with the customer and allowing them to pick which dates work best for them. It makes the decision less about the price of shipping and more about the speed at which it will arrive. This gives them the power of choice. 

With IntelliRate BUKU is able to calculate ultra accurate delivery dates by taking into consideration fulfillment, packaging and traveling times. This way brands don't mislead their customers with inaccurate delivery times. Each shipment has been calculated and displayed correctly for the customer to choose from. Displaying accurate delivery dates helps build trust with brands as well as demonstrates a willingness for transparency and accuracy. Both of those attributes are highly sought out by customers. 

All of this goes back to the scenario where the person purchasing needs the product by a certain day. First off, you need to have the option available for expedited shipping. And then it all comes down to displaying delivery dates and the accuracy of them. If no dates are provided then you leave the customer guessing. And if the dates are inaccurate then you leave them with a poor impression of the brand. If this happens they are far less likely to make another purchase from that store again.


As you being to understand your customer more and more you'll be able to use cart psychology to your advantage. IntelliRate has the tools to enable you to build trust and increase transparency with your customers. By adding multiple lanes and accurate delivery dates you create a more "Amazon-like" experience for your customers. This is a proven and revolutionary cart design that has changed the eCommerce space. Start shipping strategically with IntelliRate and customize your shopping experience to fit the needs and wants of your brand and customers. 

This app is not only free to implement but also doesn't require any subscriptions. Speak with our eCommerce shipping experts today by clicking the link below to learn more!

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