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Offer Free Shipping

2 min read

How to strategically offer free shipping

Free shipping is a trend that is here to stay. In February of 2005 Amazon prime was created with its universal free shipping. And this was the start...

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eCommerce software solutions

2 min read

The E-commerce Finish Line

Finishing a marathon is a euphoric feeling. On Monday, 28,000 runners hit the pavement for the 126th Boston Marathon. They say another action cannot...

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SaaS Shipping Solution

1 min read

INTRODUCING BUKU's NEW  software solution – IntelliRate

BUKU Ship, the leader in intelligent AI-Powered shipping solutions, announced today that it has released a new Shopify App that enables store owners...

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SaaS Shipping Solutions

3 min read

Why is BUKU Different? | Save money and improve customer experience

We get asked all the time why so many people are switching from legacy shipping software providers to BUKU's shipping platform. There are many...

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